Obtaining access to incorporation and 501(c)(3) documents

IMPORTANT: While we make our records accessible to the public (on a limited basis) as required by law, for privacy reasons, requests to examine the TDF’s Articles of Incorporation and 501(c)(3) documentation must be made in writing.  Your request must include your full legal name, the organization you represent (if applicable), a valid phone number, valid email address, physical mailing address, and the reason for your request.  You will be contacted personally by a representative of the Order to further clarify the validity of your request. If granted, viewing will take place either in-person or live online with a representative of the Order via Zoom using screen share.  No person or organization will be permitted to download the document(s), nor to make physical copies, unless you are 1.) a banking or financial institution that requires copies of this information in order to do business with TDF, or 2.) a law enforcement agency or an officer of a court of competent jurisdiction in the lawful pursuit of information.

Email requests to druidcraftfellowship@gmail.com.